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FLEXR is a complete one-piece fan kit offering the best solution to fogging!

Coming in a STAINLESS STEEL encasing, it will resist impact and rough conditions. No more cheap plastic!

Powered by a single AA battery, it will average 40 hours of continuous play: switch it on and enjoy fog-free play all day long!

FLEXhas 2 fan modules, each controlled independently to blow or suck air: create your the air conditions to meet your needs (BB, SS, BS, SB).

FLEXcomes with the option to vary fan speed, making it possible to create a soft airflow if needed, or a strong breeze when fogging occurs!

FLEXis a one-piece kit. Easily installed with the custom mounting hooks provided, FLEXR can be mounted inside or outside almost any mask (paintball, airsoft, ski...) in minutes!

FLEXuses our unique FLEX Technology, allowing fan modules to be pivoted to better fit surfaces!

Included in the box:
- 1 FLEXR unit with 1 year warranty, no question asked (exchange)
- 1 AA DURACELL battery so you can use the kit on the spot
- 2 sets of custom mounting hooks (1 short set,1 long set) for easy installation
- Package of cable ties and velcro, in case you want to be creative!

As usual we stand by our product and customer service: please contact us anytime if you have questions or comments.

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