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Detailed Installation process:

 What needed: wire cutter, 9V battery

1.    Remove any visor you could have on your mask.

2.    Install the 9V battery in the box by removing the Velcro strap and sliding the door. The battery needs to be pushed all the way in, preventing any motion after.

3.    Choose where you decide to install the fan on the mask to optimize the air circulation. If you intend to have the   wire running by the ear protection, make sure you set-up the fan thru any opening before going to the next step.

5.    Move the wire along the side of the mask. Using a black ty-rap, you can secure the wire on the side of the mask if you have any opening.

6.    Place the switch box on your strap and tighten it using the Velcro strap provided.

7.    Switch it ON whenever you are using it and OFF when not. 
Sometimes the fan needs a little "push" to help it start. Gently touch it with your finger and it will start right away.

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