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Interested in following our progress? Here is a chronology of our adventure...Much more to write!

 Working perfectly!
April 2012:
We have custom fan clips which will be ready and part of each package.
 Picture of the prototype.
Now fans installation will take less than 15s! Plug and Play style.
Only for Ezcreation: we had to order 10 000 to get what we wanted!

February 2012:
We decide to retire our 25mm kits. They work great but our 20mm serie just plain better. 
Hustle Paintball (US) testing our kits for potential dealing.
Tactical Mod becomes a dealer.
Paintball Gear Canada becomes a dealer for the West coast.
Paintball Atlantic (France) becomes another French dealer.

January 2012:
Picture taken by Professional Photograph Patrick McEachern
we introduce our new model, the QD-DF20. Based on the DF20, it is made of 2 modules (fan and battery) allowing easier installation and replacement parts.

December 2011:

We upgraded our packaging to hard shell bubble, making it much more appealing to distribution and business.

April 2011: 
We officially partner with Blue's Crew and EMR, offering great exposure to our kits.
Savephace contacted us to design a kit for them and now is in production.
Buypbl becomes our official distributor for Quebec (thank you Phil!)
Underground Productz becomes our distributor for Ontario (thank you Paul!)

March 2011:

We offer a complete kit with attachment parts (cable ties, bolts/nuts), instruction, velcro back and sticker. This was our first attempt to create a display packaging.

February 2011:
After many month of testing, we have our own fan made custom for us. 
Smaller at 20x20x10mm, it is 9V rated (most efficient for our battery pack) and carefully engineered to offer best airflow with lowest noise possible. This fan is unique to Ezcreation.

January 2011
Thanks to Anthony Boese, we create our logo and banner, giving us an identity:

December 2010:
We launch a sponsorship program. Very surprised by how many applications we received. Teams we selected were and are still loyal. Thank you guys!

Partnership with Edmund, allowing us to find the perfect 25mm fan for our purpose. Edmund is a full part of our team and we owe a lot to him! Thank you Edmund!
This consistent source of fans allowed us to focus on the brand since we had our product taking shape.

Flagswipe Paintball gives us a shot and order a bunch of our kits: first Ontario field to trust us! Thank you guys!

We start selling complete kits to everyone. Kits are in ziploc bags with no instruction. Very basic but did the job!
Funpaintball in France was our first dealer and gave us his confidence from the start: thank you Laurent!

Company is created by John Beckberger and Ulrik Bedos. We use small fans found on Ebay and then start experimenting. We still have our original kits: messy, loud, too much air...but they did the job!
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